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Tackling Design Paralysis: Sparing Ourselves Time and Stress With Designer Guidance

When Laura and her fiancé moved into a new house together, they were ready to create a cozy space they could call home. They were even looking forward to the often challenging task of combining their styles. But with so many design options out there, they felt too overwhelmed to tackle their home design alone. Fortunately, Laura had a secret design tool that helped the couple create a home they love. Read on to learn what Laura’s secret was and how they created their sweet abode. 

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The customer:
Laura and her fiancé
Their project: Designing a cozy bedroom
The budget: $6k

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The designer:
Her goal: Bringing their vision to life
The outcome: A space they love

Laura’s Design Dilemma


Before Modsy

“Last fall, we bought our first home and got engaged. We needed to furnish our mostly empty house and wanted a space that felt homey, looked beautiful, and reflected our taste together. We needed so many things, and it was difficult to approach buying large items (like furniture) online without a vision and plan of what the final room would look like. We just didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, I had used Modsy for one room in my old place, so it was a no-brainer to use it again for the new house. I purchased a multi-room package for three rooms (2 bedrooms and a family room) to help us furnish the spaces quickly and in a thoughtful and polished way.”

Designer Insight: 

“Laura and her fiancé’s biggest struggle was imagining a cohesive and cozy design style that felt understated without being boring. I knew seeing a selection of items tailored to their particular taste in Modsy 3D would be really helpful for them!”

How Modsy Delivered


Modsy 3D design

“Fortunately, my fiancé and I have very compatible tastes. So it was fun to take the style quiz together and discuss what we wanted each room to look like with our designer. We loved everything in our first design! Although, it was helpful to work with our designer and select alternatives at different price points.”

Designer Insight: 

“I was so pleased they enjoyed their first designs so much but more than happy to help them with design revisions, tailoring their budget where it was needed. For example, they wanted to save a little on wall art, so I swapped out a large piece of art above their bed in the first design and replaced it with three smaller, more affordable art prints. The visual impact remained the same, but they were able to save money with the change.”

The Final Results


After Modsy

“I really like interior design, but I’m not an expert. I could have spent countless hours researching different looks and items without knowing how they’d all look together in person. Instead, our designer helped us develop cohesive designs we’d never thought of alone. We even added bold accent walls in each bedroom!

Having Modsy create a vision and plan was incredibly helpful and allowed us to quickly furnish several of our rooms. It made us so happy. For example, I remember when we completed our guest bedroom IRL, we couldn’t help but pause at the door whenever we walked by it and say out loud, “Hello, sexy guest room!” It just looked so pretty!”

Designer Insight: 

“Working with these two on their design was such fun. It was neat to show them some simple ways to up-level their design. For instance, they could easily create depth and visual interest in the space with the accent wall.

I always love helping people work on their bedroom design because having a place to relax and recharge has such a positive impact on our lives. And creating a space where people feel welcomed and well cared for is always a joy for me.”

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