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Love That Glam Life? Discover Hollywood Regency Style, With Designer Tips to Get the Look

All that glitters may not be gold—but it is glam. An interior design style that’s been popular to varying degrees for the past century, glam is all about bold, dramatic, and over-the-top design elements. It’s opulence at its finest.

It’s also a design style that goes by several different names. There’s plain and simple “glam,” yes. But it can also interchangeably be called Hollywood Glam, Hollywood Regency, or just plain “chic.” We personally prefer Hollywood Regency, a name which harkens back to this style’s roots.

We want to dig a little deeper into this luxe design style, and share a little history on where the name Hollywood Regency came from. Read on for our primer on Hollywood Regency style—along with a ton of stunning glam design ideas.

What is Hollywood Regency style?

Hollywood Regency Style6

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Hollywood Regency style is all things glamorous, luxurious, and opulent—plus a bit playful. Interiors of Hollywood Regency spaces focus on luxury and creature comforts. You’ll know when you walk into a Hollywood Regency space because everything, from the overall design and to the small details will scream “glamor,” but with a cheeky sense of humor.

On a scale of minimalist to maximalist, Hollywood Regency definitely leans maximalist—embracing a layered, textured look in the design elements and finishes. Case in point: the bold mix of patterns, textures, materials, and prints. This mix also means that Hollywood Regency spaces tend to have a unique and eclectic vibe that speaks to the personal preferences of the person who lives or works there.

You’ll notice a lot of overlap with this style and Art Deco design in both its opulence and formality—but they’re not one and the same. While Art Deco leans more geometric, masculine, and serious, Hollywood Regency leans more ornate, eclectic, playful, and sometimes more feminine. Ultimately, Hollywood Regency’s style remains distinct and has gained international appeal, giving homes, estates, hotels, and shops around the world a sense of grandiosity.

Key Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Style

In Hollywood Regency spaces you’ll find a lot of:

  • Metallic finishes and mirrored surfaces
  • Richly layered textures (including velvet, furs, and silk)
  • High-contrast patterns (hello, animal prints!)
  • Ornamental furniture (from burl wood and marble to lacquer and carved woods)
  • Black and white color palettes
  • Vibrant pops of color
  • Smaller-scale furniture with slimmed-down profiles

It’s a luxurious and playful style that mixes different elements in a way that adds surprise and delight to a space.

What era is Hollywood Regency style from?

Hollywood Regency Style3

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Hollywood Regency, as a design style, was born in California in the 1930s during Hollywood’s Golden Age. This quintessentially American interior design style was inspired by the opulent designs of Hollywood sets seent throughout the 1920s–1950s, where interiors were full of ornate details, luxe textures, and shiny finishes. The look was contagious, and soon Hollywood actors were clamoring to bring the glitz and glamor of the silver screen into their homes. And, as it often goes with the rich and famous, the trend caught on. While it’s not always at the top of the trend charts, this is a design style that has never gone out of style since its inception.

Of course, Hollywood Regency interior design owes a bit of its style DNA to the Regency era of the early 1800s (hello, Bridgerton!). More inspired by rather than a copycat, these Hollywood set designers borrowed the classical design elements and luxurious interiors of the Regency era but reimagined them for the modern age. Speaking of old being made new—want to see some of our designers’ modern takes on Regency-era style? Check out some of their Bridgerton-inspired designs here, here, and here.

Famous Examples of Hollywood Regency Style

Want to see Hollywood Regency style in action? Here are some famous examples of Hollywood Regency interiors (particularly, hotels) that embraced this style and brought the look to life throughout the 20th century—with insights from our very own design historian and VP of Style, Alessandra Wood.

The Greenbrier Hotel

green ave large

Dorothy Draper is the queen of Hollywood Regency style and her masterpiece, The Greenbrier Hotel, is an amazing example of her work. Redesigned in the late 1940s, its bright and bold style proves that classical design can live alongside avant-garde pieces. The design today still lives up to her original vision.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

Hollywood Regency Style5

When it was redesigned in 1947, the Beverly Hills Hotel took on its famous Hollywood glam style, with the green and white bold stripes, palm print wallpaper, and poppy cabanas. The hotel engaged Paul Williams—a famous mid-century, African-American architect—to design an addition in 1948, solidifying the hotel’s mid-century-glam, iconic vibes.

Prospect Hotel Hollywood

Hollywood Regency Style12

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s designs make Hollywood Regency style feel timeless and current—despite designing this space only a couple of years ago. He brilliantly mixes patterns with bold colors and over-the-top gold accents to create Instagram-worthy spaces that pay homage to the style’s mid-century roots.

Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica

Hollywood Regency Style8

Kelly Wearstler takes Hollywood Regency design to a new level through her maximalist style. With bold colors, prints, and dramatic statement pieces, Wearstler takes inspiration from the era’s designs but makes them something totally new for today’s modern eye.

How to Get a Hollywood Regency Look

Love the bold opulence of Hollywood Regency style? We can’t blame you. If you want to bring this look to life in your own home, read on. We’ve got 7 tips to help you nail the Hollywood Regency vibe.

Incorporate Animal Prints

Hollywood Regency Style9

Animal prints are fun, bold patterns to use in home design and decor—and an absolute must in a Hollywood Regency design. Whether zebra, tiger, cheetah, or leopard prints, these decorative motifs add a luxurious-but-playful pop to any space. Add animal print through a rug or throw pillow for a fun and bold impact. Or go big with animal-print wallpaper!

Add Shine with Metallic Finishes

Hollywood Regency Style10

Gold, brass, silver—you’ll find all sorts of metallic touches in a Hollywood Regency space. They add shine and a sense of luxury, no matter how big or small the metallic moment. You can go big with metallic finishes in kitchens and bathrooms, where hardware is prevalent, and in light fixtures. But you can also add pops of metallic finishes through furniture legs, nailhead trim on furniture, and through small decorative objects.

Try a Pink and Green Color Palette

Hollywood Regency Style4

Pink and green is a classic glam color palette, spanning all the way back to the 1930’s. You’ll see a lot of this color combo in the Beverly Hills Hotel, which we mentioned above. This color combo adds a feminine and whimsical feel to a space for a more playful, relaxed take on Hollywood Regency design. And this color palette meshes well with other luxurious finishes, like lacquer and brass.

Make a Statement with Sculptural Decor and Furniture

Hollywood Regency Style1

Hollywood Regency decor is all about drama. And sculptural, curved furniture and decor is the perfect way to up the drama factor in your space. Sculptural silhouettes can act as a focal point and serve almost as an oversized piece of art. Try adding a curved sofa or sculptural chandelier to make a bold statement in your space. Or go small-scale with sculptural tabletop decor.

Use Luxe Materials

Hollywood Regency Style7

Don’t shy away from luxe materials if you want to bring a Hollywood Regency design to life. Embrace them! And not just one; go for a maximalist vibe with materials like velvet, marble, burl wood, fur, lacquer, and mirrored surfaces. All of these materials add luxury to a space. Plus, all of these tend to be more expensive materials, so they instantly elevate the look of a room by virtue of what they are. You can use them in small decor pieces, like a marble bowl or a velvet pillow, or in larger, more extravagant pieces, like a burl wood dresser.

Add Drama with Scale

Hollywood Regency Style13

In Hollywood’s Golden Age, homes would often have large, over-the-top pieces to draw guests’ attention. After all, large-scale pieces of decor add visual impact and demand attention. Up the drama in your space by adding a wall of mirrors (or just one large floor mirror), an oversized piece of art, an extravagant chandelier, or even a large sculpture.

Decorate with Bold Colors

Hollywood Regency Style11

We’ve already established that Hollywood Regency style is bold—so it makes sense that the boldness wouldn’t stop at colors. Jewel tones are particularly great for Hollywood Regency designs, as their saturated tones add drama to a space. You can mix and match jewel tones with each other, as well as with those high-contrast black and white palettes that are so quintessentially glam. Plus, jewel tones look amazing with metallic accents! Try using jewel tones in furniture, like sofas and chairs, on your walls, or even just in small decor pieces.

Of course, you don’t have to tackle a redesign on your own! Our designers are experts in Hollywood Regency style—and mixing styles if you don’t want to go all in on Hollywood glam! Prefer more of a modern glam look? Or maybe you want help discerning the merits of Hollywood Regency vs boho glam style for your own home. Our designers can help bring all of your glam dreams to life when you start a design project with Modsy.

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