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Laundry Room Decor Ideas that Will Make You Actually Enjoy Doing Your Laundry

Laundry rooms can be dismal places, especially when they’re tucked into a dark, dreary basement. When not thoughtfully designed, these spaces can make you dread doing laundry. But, as a necessary life task, it’s worth the time and money to make your laundry room into a place that you actually enjoy.

But that’s where many people get stuck. What, exactly, goes into a good laundry room design other than a washing machine and dryer? Well, prioritizing functionality is key. You’ll want storage and surfaces that make laundry less of a chore. But you can’t spell functionality without FUN! As a small space in your home, this is a great place to make some daring and bold design decisions that takes this space from boring to oh-so-fun.

Want a breakdown of all the fun and functional design decisions you can make? Read on for laundry room decor ideas, with tips for making this a beautiful and practical space in your home! Whether your laundry room is in your basement, tucked away in a closet, in your mudroom, or in another nook of your house, these laundry room decor ideas will help you make the most of your space, no matter how large or small!

Laundry Room Appliances

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Ok, first things first. You can’t have a laundry room without a washer and dryer! Make sure you have a washer and dryer that works for your family’s needs. This is where you’ll have to make some decisions. Do you want side-by-side models or space-saving stacked appliances? High-efficiency (HE) or traditional? Front-load or top-load washer (with or without an agitator)? The options are endless—and what you choose depends entirely upon your needs and wants!

But beyond those decisions, you can also choose appliances that make a stylish statement in your space. Many new washer/dryer sets are quite stylish and come in fun colors beyond the typical white or stainless steel, and they’re design with sleek profiles. This lets you make more of a stylistic choice for appliances that jive with your laundry room decor, if you so desire.

Optional Add-Ons: Utility Sinks and Dog-Washing Stations

Want to take your laundry room to the next level? Add a utility sink. These deep sinks are a great place for pre-treating stains, hand-washing delicates, and even filling up a mop bucket or rinsing off muddy boots.

Do you have a dog? As long as you’re working with plumbing, you could also consider installing a dog-washing station. They’re kind of like mini showers without doors where you can more easily give your dog a quick bath! Just make sure the nearby walls and floors are tiled if you go for this add-on, since we all know that bathing dogs (and the subsequent shaking off that happens) leads to water flying everywhere! Tile is fine if it gets wet and is easy to clean up.

Laundry Room Floors

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It’s important to carefully consider your flooring choice for your laundry room. You’ll want to go with a practical material that’s waterproof (in case of any water leaks), easy to clean, and tolerant of high moisture and heat levels from your water and dryer. Our top recommendations are tile or vinyl flooring, as they’re both waterproof (if properly installed) and easy to clean. Concrete or waterproof laminate flooring are good secondary options.

Make a Style Statement

However, when choosing your laundry room flooring, you can go beyond the practical! Flooring, specifically if you opt for tile, is a great way to make a major style statement. Since laundry rooms tend to be smaller spaces, you have an opportunity to take bigger decor risks and add bold, stylish flooring. We love the look of intricate tile layouts, tiles with patterns, or a design of high-contrast black and white tiles. This is a simple, easy way to up your laundry room decor game!

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Laundry Room Walls and Storage

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Another great way to blend style and practicality in your laundry room decor is with your laundry room walls and storage.

First, it’s important to get practical and consider your storage needs. Hampers and baskets for clothes (dirty and clean) are an absolute must. You’ll also want a clothing rod place to hang clothes to dry, steam, or iron. It can also be nice to have a foldable clothes-drying rack. You’ll also want to have some storage spaces for your laundry soap and supplies, as well as irons, steamers, and other cleaning supplies. (A laundry room is a great place to store all of your household cleaning supplies!) For this storage, you can either have open, floating shelves or install a couple cabinets if you prefer closed storage.

Then, have some fun with your walls. Like any room, you can keep your walls simple with a neutral paint color that keeps your space light and bright. But, like your flooring, you can also use this surface to make a big statement. Adding patterned wallpaper or millwork can give your laundry room the extra pop of personality it needs to make it a stylish space where you enjoy spending time.

Designer Tip: When it comes to your flooring and wall treatments, choose one or the other to make a big design statement. If you go for patterned wallpaper and bold tilework, you may end up with a small space that feels visually overwhelming.

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Laundry Room Decor

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To take your laundry room design to the next level, add thoughtful decorative accents throughout the space like you would in any other room of the house. On a practical level, if you have open shelving, the storage baskets or canisters you use can help make a stylish statement. You could also layer plants and simple decorative accessories on open shelves.

When it comes to laundry room decor, don’t neglect artwork! While laundry rooms may not be a space for showing off your favorite work of art, it’s nice to hang some playful or cheerful pieces of wall art to add some additional color and personality to your laundry room decor. This is also a great space for some themed signage! Laundry room artwork can hang on the wall or you could layer pieces into a small gallery on a floating shelf.

The lighting in this space is another way to add to the laundry room decor and design. Good overhead lighting will make the task of doing laundry easier, and you could also add sconces for directional lighting. With both of these lights, you can choose stylish fixtures that help add to the overall aesthetic of your laundry room decor.

One last piece of laundry room decor that’s often neglected is a padded (patterned!) rug in front of your washer and dryer for comfort and practicality. A padded rug will be easier on your feet and back when doing those endless loads of laundry. And if you have tiled floors, a rug will keep your feet warmer, especially in the winter! Pick a rug in a style and colorway that goes with the rest of your laundry room decor in either a 3×5 or a runner, depending on how much space you need to cover, then layer a thick rug pad underneath!

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