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How To Declutter Your Home: 20 Best Home Decluttering Tips

how to declutter your home

That decluttering will free up precious square footage in your home is a given. But there are several subsequent benefits to the process as well.

1. Sleep improvement

If you have a messy home, chances are, you often go to sleep fretting about all the clutter mounting up in the basement or the storage spaces, and a relaxing nap eludes you. But when you clean up, you begin to feel accomplished and enthusiastic about your day.

You begin to breathe a sigh of relief and sleep peacefully with the thought of waking up to a clean and orderly home. 

2. Boost your Creativity

Just like you’d prefer to have a clean and organized desk at the office, it is best to keep a home organized at all times.

When you set to work in a tidy home, your mind is clear, and you will find that creativity and productivity are at their peak. Having a clean and organized home can potentially boost your attention span. Professional organizers believe this improves the house’s “chi” or energy flow.

3. Find eternally lost items

By cleaning and shifting around objects, we often come across items or trinkets we thought lost forever. Not only will this lift your mood, but you may have saved yourself a couple of bucks on a thing you were going to buy again. You may even find souvenirs from your childhood or old photographs you didn’t know existed!

4. Removes allergens

A typical home carries several allergens, dust, pollen, hair, etc. These allergens tend to settle down in dark corners and out-of-reach spaces. Decluttering is the best time to clean rooms, especially ones you don’t often visit, like the attic or the basement. This will ensure that your home stays healthy, hygienic, and livable.

5. Money-saver

As you scour clean each room, you will realize that you don’t want clutter building up ever again. In the future, you will automatically buy frugally and avoid buying items that just sit around the house collecting dust. Seasonal clothing is one such example. Having more than a couple of sweaters or boots will have you hoarding unnecessarily. Bring old coats and caps to save a few bucks before winter sets in.

6. Easier to keep clean

Keeping your living space clean and tidy progressively becomes more accessible with each decluttering session. Once you get into the habit of putting things away properly, your house will always look beautifully minimalist and clean.

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