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From Design to Reality: Designing and Building My House At the Same Time

Larry B. had a dream of creating the perfect get-away rental for vacationers to enjoy. He imagined a sleek modern oasis and even knew the perfect spot for it—a bit of land nestled near the coast of Lake Norman in North Carolina. Soon building would be underway, and Larry would be fast approaching the completion of his dream project. But before that could happen, he needed help with one not-so-small detail—furnishing the entire space from scratch. 

Now that the vacation home is finished, it?s clear that Larry has a lot of vision. But back when the project was just floor plans, it was hard for him to imagine the right furniture and layout for the entire space. So with that in mind, he turned to Modsy and designer Mackenize R. to help complete the project and make the Shoreline at Stonemaker everything he knew it could be.  

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The customer:
Larry C. 
His project: Creating designs for an entire vacation house before it was built.
The budget: $80k to furnish his entire space

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The designer:
Mackenzie R.
Her goal: Finish the design and ordering process by his move-in date.
The outcome: A finished space he loves

Larry’s Design Dilemma

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The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy?s designs.

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The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker with Modsy?s designs.

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The finished dining room design.

“I was building a vacation rental from the ground up and wanted the entire space furnished by closing, so I could start having guests ASAP. But I’m not great when it comes to imagining what things will look like in advance. I also really needed help sourcing all the furniture and was hoping to save where I could.”

Designer Insight: 

?Larry came to Modsy needing help designing and furnishing his entire vacation home. I have lots of experience working on large projects like his and understand that they can feel overwhelming for the customer. Because the space wasn?t built yet, I knew that seeing it furnished and in Modsy?s 3D would relieve any stress he might have. I also knew that we could bring his vision to life by working together closely on his designs!?

How Modsy Delivered

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One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy designs.

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One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker after Modsy designs.

DSC 7836

The finished space.

?It was a huge benefit to see the entire space in 3D before it was built. Mackenzie showed me different furniture, paint colors, and layout options, ensuring my vision would come together just as I wanted.

Designing with Modsy during the building period was a great idea because longer lead times on furniture meant I could order pieces while the space was getting finished. As a result, I had everything ready for move-in when the build was complete.?

Designer Insight: 

“Larry had a specific modern resort design style in mind and had particular criteria for the furniture and decor. For starters, he wanted everything to look high-end and comfortable. At the same time, he wanted things to be budget-friendly and durable. Finally, he wanted designs complete and furniture shipped in time for move-in. On the surface, these requests might seem like a contradiction in terms. But because Modsy has such a large assortment, I could source everything he wanted and get the project complete when he needed it to be.

I chose pieces from great brands like CB2, Tanjore, and Kerala Design that offer exceptional quality items in styles Larry liked without breaking the bank. It was fun showing him different options to create a look he loved!?

The Final Results

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Take a virtual walk-through of Larry?s beautiful vacation home, the Shoreline on Stonemarker!

?Initially, I was contemplating using a local designer but saved almost 90% on the design fee with Modsy! This saving gave me the flexibility to spend more furnishing my space. Working with Mackenzie was fantastic too. I am so happy with the final results and know that choosing Modsy was the right choice.?

Designer Insight: 

?Working together with Larry was such fun. I loved bringing his style to life and appreciated the challenge of working within his timeline and budgetary needs. It?s always rewarding to work on multiple rooms in a customer?s home. Carrying Larry?s vision through each room, ensuring his guest will enjoy the fun resort-inspired design style was a joy!?

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