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Flower Power: The Botanical Wallpaper Trend Taking the Design World by Storm

Spring has sprung outside—and it’s also blossoming inside with a fun and bold botanical trend. Floral and botanical wallpaper is having a MOMENT in the interior design world. Biophilic design hit the top trends list in 2021 and continues to go strong, so it makes sense that botanical wallpaper is trending, as it’s a great way to incorporate biophilic elements into your home design and bring the outside in.

Floral and plant prints can help exemplify a variety of design styles—from classic formal and traditional to retro-inspired and contemporary looks. It all depends on the scale, colors, and style of the florals you choose.

While there are endless options out there for floral and botanical wallpaper prints, our designers have picked out their top 10 favorite botanical wallpaper designs. Keep scrolling to see these prints in action!

1. A Bold Vintage Aesthetic

Botanical Wallpaper Trend10

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If you’re looking for a classic and timeless botanical wallpaper design, this is it. The dense design of this wallpaper, with the bird and botanical motif, is filled with details and colors that captivate the eye, infusing the room with energy and delight. Vintage-inspired and artistic, we love how this design acts almost like a piece of large-scale art in this room.

The Wallpaper: Strawberry Thief by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Modern traditional spaces where you want to make a big visual statement. The design is definitely vintage-inspired, but the somewhat eclectic nature of the pattern gives it a more modern vibe.

2. A Walk in the Garden

Botanical Wallpaper Trend5

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This botanical wallpaper design brings to mind a calming stroll through an English garden, among flowering trees and chirping birds. A delicate pattern, it works well when paired with solid colors. In this space, we pulled the greens from the wallpaper for the paint on the lower half of the walls and trim. The result is a refreshing, welcoming bedroom design.

The Wallpaper: Eugen Oat by Sandberg

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Bedrooms, dining rooms, and home offices, where you want to add a traditional-but-unique design element.

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3. When Life Gives You Lemons

Botanical Wallpaper Trend7

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Want to add a delightfully fresh and spring-like feel to your space? Give this cheerful lemon-print wallpaper a try! This is a great example of a botanical wallpaper that’s not a floral print. After all, botanicals can reference any type of plant, not just flowers! We love that this lemon print has a watercolor quality to it and that it incorporates leaves and branches as well as lemons for a more dynamic pattern.

The Wallpaper: Lemon Tree by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Breakfast nooks, kitchens, or really any sun-filled space where you want to add a dose of cheer! This light-hearted pattern is perfect for classic and eclectic design styles.

4. Vintage, But Make it Moody

Botanical Wallpaper Trend8

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This wallpaper is a great way to combine two trends: botanical wallpaper and moody spring colors. This ornate vintage-inspired pattern features a high-contrast navy and white palette that has a bold appeal. We love the way it makes this bedroom feel moody and cozy, adding the perfect dose of character and charm to the space.

The Wallpaper: Pure Strawberry Thief by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Classic and traditional spaces, particularly bedrooms and powder rooms. The flowers and birds in the print create a very classical feel—but when paired with modern forms and natural materials it can also create a delightfully eclectic look!

5. Butterfly in the Sky

Botanical Wallpaper Trend2

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Butterflies are a common addition to botanical motifs. The colorful butterflies take center stage in this pattern, while the delicate flower and leaf patterns, illustrated in gold, take a back seat. The result is a soft and whimsical design. We love that it’s a simple pattern—but with bright pops of color.

The Wallpaper: Papillon by York Wallcoverings via Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Adding a classic and youthful touch to any space. It’s obviously beautiful in this Regency-inspired bedroom—but it would also be a great addition to a kids bedroom or bathroom.

6. Modern Chinoiserie

Botanical Wallpaper Trend4

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This whimsical wallpaper has classical chinoiserie vibes, with the fruit and flowering trees in the design creating a spring and summer feel! We love that this design has a delicate, hand-painted feel to it that makes it feel very custom and high-end.

The Wallpaper: Blossom Chinoiserie Grasscloth Mural by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Large walls. This is a colorful pattern, but it has a lot of negative space, making it great for larger applications, particularly in a classic formal space.

7. Best Fronds

Botanical Wallpaper Trend3

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Made by Swedish wallpaper designers, this nature-inspired wallpaper features a classic Scandinavian motif with a variety of ferns. This pattern offers another take on botanical wallpaper that we love: leafy greens with ferns galore! The simple color palette keeps it visually clean and approachable, and it’s a perfect way to compliment sage green millwork, like in the bedroom above.

The Wallpaper: Herbal Moss by Borstapeter via Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Classic and traditional-style spaces that have a grounded, earthy aesthetic. It’s a great pattern for a full-room application (vs. just an accent wall) because of the way the pattern is a bit more spaced out, with more white space in the background.

8. Mid-Century Whimsy

mid-century modern style botanical wall paper in home office

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Design a space with retro flair with this whimsical, oversized botanical wallpaper. The combination of the playful botanicals and muted pastels gives this design a very 60s vibe, which is a fun way to give any room an extra dose of personality.

The Wallpaper: Humming Marsh by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Accent walls in eclectic and boho spaces where you want to add a bold, playful element to the overall design.

9. Traditional Neutrals

Botanical Wallpaper Trend9

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We love the neutral-on-neutral design of this botanical wallpaper. The low-contrast pattern offers a sense of calm, despite the busy pattern. And how cute are those acorns sprinkled in among the oak leaves? This wallpaper pattern has a true nature-inspired vibe that feels warm and welcoming.

The Wallpaper: Pure Acorn by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Traditional-inspired spaces where you want some added visual interest without it being too “loud.” This neutral-toned pattern strikes the perfect balance, adding visual appeal while keeping things neutral. It’s a great choice for dining rooms and home offices.

10. Underwater Adventures

Aquatic themed botanical wallpaper

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Not all botanical designs are made up of land plants, as this underwater-inspired botanical wallpaper proves. With its deep blue and orange color palette, this bold, high-contrast pattern adds a ton of visual depth to any space it’s in (especially with the blue-on-blue tonality). The goldfish add a fun, quirky touch to this wallpaper design!

The Wallpaper: Ocean Reverie by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Eclectic and boho spaces. Because of the goldfish motif in this wallpaper design, we love the idea of using it in a bathroom—but it’s also great for a boho bedroom, as you can see in the design above!

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