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Floor Plan Symbols and Abbreviations to Read Floor Plans

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What is a Floor Plan Symbol?

As a client or a novice in the field of interior design, you may get lost in the sheer amount of architectural symbols, texts and numbers you see on an architectural plan. It could appear daunting to understand these symbols precisely. But it would help if you learned about them so that no miscommunication arises between you and the people you work for and with.

It could also be beneficial to you, as a homeowner, are dealing directly with a contractor and view construction drawings or a set of blueprints of your home design. Knowing how to read a floor plan can help you understand what you need and how your idea would look in reality.

A standard floor plan will show you structural elements like doors, walls, windows and stairs. The floorplan would also show other essentials like plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

The blueprint symbols used are general outlines of what the actual object is. So, for example, you can observe signs of sinks, stairs and tubs that look like the accurate top view of the actual item.

These symbols are like a different language that you need to learn. Professionals in the construction and design industry use this language to communicate effectively. Most floor plans also include legends that describe the colours, symbols and text the floor plan uses to leave no room for miscommunication.

The legend is often printed along with the title block at the bottom of the right side of the sheet. This is because it houses several architectural notations, and many of them are standardised symbols that would appear on every floorplan. There could be slight variations, but the basic outline would remain the same for all.

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this floor plan created on foyr neo

this floor plan created on foyr neothis floor plan created on foyr neo

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