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Dining Room Remodel Ideas: How to Achieve a Design You Love

Remodeling your dining room is a fun and creative project. After all, your dining room is where precious memories are made with family and friends, making it such an important space to get just right.

From deciding on the style that fits your look to selecting the accents that will bring it to life, there are many ways to remodel a dining room that’s entirely unique to you.

We put together some of the top dining room remodel ideas to help bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking for a modern room that emits openness, a casual space made for life’s messes, or a formal dining area for gatherings, here are the best dining room design ideas to fit your style.

Modern Dining Room Ideas

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Choose modern decor for an on-trend dining room to bring your vision to life. Contemporary dining rooms encompass the latest trends while balancing small but bold accents that tie into the overall aesthetic.

Whether hosting a glamorous dinner party or just having a simple dinner with family, modern dining rooms are spacious and stunning. From neutral tones to organic accents, see the below ideas to create a modern dining room that you love.

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Choose Neutral Tones

Modern dining rooms tend to feature neutral tones, especially when it comes to foundational furniture like your dining room table and chairs. While neutral tones build the base of a modern room, you can add pops of color and asymmetrical decor pieces to add depth. You can do this by adding an accent wall featuring a dark color, asymmetrical light fixtures, or a rug that steals the show.

Add an Extendable Table

Modern dining rooms are all about utilizing the latest and greatest furniture staples. This includes choosing a sleek, modern extendable table as your centerpiece. An extendable table allows you to expand your table space for entertaining when the moment strikes, keeping you prepared for any dining room event. Plus, it’s easy to retract for a more compact everyday table.

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Incorporate Organic Accents

Organic accents can add life and color to your dining room space, depending on the contemporary style you prefer. These accents will keep your area minimal while breaking up neutral tones with pops of color or unique shapes. Organic accents can include potted plants, faux plants in decorative vases, or even organic wall art.

Elevate Your Space With Mirrors

Add mirrors to elevate your space for a more modern dining room with unique fixtures. Mirrors add a dramatic yet classic look to your dining room, reflecting contemporary decor’s bold but clean appeal. Whether you choose horizontal or asymmetrical, mirrors can help elevate your dining room space.

Casual Dining Room Ideas

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If a relaxed aesthetic is more your style, try casual dining room decor to create a space that feels down-to-earth and approachable. Casual dining rooms put comfort and conversation at the forefront of the design, prioritizing fixtures that embody this intimate style.

There are many ways to create a relaxing dining room fit for casual dining, from sunroom lounging and outdoor entertainment to rustic and eclectic. Below, we’ve outlined some top ideas to achieve an informal dining room of your own.

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Add Earthy Details

Adding earthy details will create a welcoming environment for casual dining, from leafy foliage to unique print art and organic green accents. These fixtures keep your design open and airy, plus add color that draws in the eye and pairs well with neutral decor. Incorporate multiple earthy details to set the scene for a relaxing dining experience.

Showcase Woodwork

To create a simple space for dining, add a welcoming organic feel with soft woodwork. While simple in style, unique woodwork looks captivating against greenery and neutral tones while enforcing a simple dining layout. With woodwork, the options are endless—from your dining room table to accents like table centerpieces and print frames.

Incorporate Games

Casual dining means having some fun with your space. For a non-traditional yet casual dining area, add game room decor like chess and checkers for decor and entertaining purposes. These pieces can act as your colorful accents while showcasing the relaxed room setting. Plus, transitioning from dining to entertaining will be a breeze.

Choose a Bench

Benefits of a Bench

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The key to a casual dining room is to add seating that invites guests to get comfortable. You can incorporate informal dining seating with a dining room bench or even a settee to encourage casual conversation. Even when placed separately from the dining table, these elements function as a casual sitting area when hosting guests.

Formal Dining Room Ideas

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When modern and casual aren’t what you’re looking for, a traditional dining room may best suit you. A formal dining room incorporates classic staples that emit sophistication through neutral palettes with white and cream.

From symmetrical layouts to architectural details, the traditional dining rooms echo the formality of dining with class. See our top formal dining room ideas below to create a timeless style.

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Achieve Harmony

Formal dining rooms give a welcoming yet predictable feeling. They feature all the classic dining fixtures you would expect, like a traditional dining table and classic lighting, with patterns like stripes and florals. However, choosing rich tones and keeping the color palette bright will help balance the formality and make it more harmonious.

To achieve a traditional style, you’ll need to develop this harmony through all of your pieces by carefully paring colors and accents.  Stick to traditional light fixtures, like chandeliers and wall sconces, and room accents, like table centerpieces and large rugs, to ensure the same cohesion from one side of the room to the other.

Keep it Symmetrical

Elegant Symmetry

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Symmetry creates a sense of visual balance which is essential in creating a formal dining room that showcases balance and order. Visual symmetry will ensure your dining room conveys elegance at all times. To create symmetry, design your dining room table proportional to your chairs, balance consoles with large-scale art, and, if you choose wall sconces, ensure they create balance around architectural details and motifs.

Echo Your Architecture

Echoing The Architecture

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Many formal dining rooms feature millwork like crown molding, wainscotting, ornamental wall molding, or even built-ins—giving your space an added sense of sophistication. When designing a formal dining room, use those architectural details as a jumping-off point with your decor. Echo the formality of your architecture by choosing refined statement pieces that do all the talking, from your art to your tabletop decor and light fixtures. That means repeating motifs to echo your shapes and patterns throughout your dining area.

Incorporate Classic White

The classic white dining room may be traditional, but it’s still oh-so-stunning. The color white is crisp and bright, echoing the sophisticated style of a formal dining room. If you want to add some pops of color, nothing is more classic than a blue and white color palette. From cream-colored dining chairs to a light-finished table, this neutral color palette will help achieve the traditional dining room you’ve always wanted, fit for entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties.

Additional Dining Room Remodel FAQs

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When it comes to remodeling your dining room, there are a lot of decisions that are essential to achieve the design aesthetic you want. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about dining room renovations, from cost to layout options and affordable alternatives.

Read these top dining room FAQs before you get started to help create the design decor of your dreams.

How do you redesign a dining room?

When looking to redesign a dining room, it’s essential to ensure you have a clear vision before you begin making changes—from the flooring trends you love to furniture styles and the accents that will bring it to life. Working with an interior design expert can help bring your ideas to life using life-like 3D designs.

With an interior design service like Modsy, an expert can help give you recommendations and guide you to ensure everything is just right. Plus, implementing your dining room renovation design has never been easier with the ability to purchase all your fixtures, furniture, and decor in one place.

What can I change my dining room to?

If you don’t use your dining room and are looking to create something new with your space, there are many layout concepts to consider to construct an entirely new space from an empty dining room. Options like a reading nook, game space, home office, and lounge area are just a few ideas to consider.

Since dining rooms are often located between the kitchen and the living room, your old space can be transformed into a transitional dining room—connecting all of your critical communal areas for entertaining.

How much does it cost to build a dining room?

The cost of building or renovating a dining room truly depends on the fixtures and layout you choose. Of course, starting from scratch will be more costly than renovating your current space. The cost of building a dining room also depends on if you decide to outsource the work or do it yourself. DIYing your dining room can save you money, but it’s helpful to consult with an expert first. Check out our design packages to see how Modsy can bring your vision to life.

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How do I update my dining room on a budget?

If you’re looking to update your dining room on a budget, we can help! You can make many affordable choices to ensure your renovation is within budget. For starters, try to reuse furniture that you already have. You can do this by repainting and upcycling current dining room pieces.

Another way to save money is to plan every detail ahead of time. Poor planning can result in last-minute purchases that can be costly. This is why working with a design expert to map out your renovation can ensure everything is taken care of ahead of time.

Dine In At Home

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When it comes to creating a dining room you love, the design decor you choose can help encourage more nights at home with loved ones. A dining room encourages these precious moments, from enjoying a meal with your family to laughing with friends.

We can help you create more moments like these with our expert design insight. From dining room design ideas to our helpful dining room buying guide, we can make your dreams a reality.

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