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Celebrating Women’s History Month: A Q&A With Modsy CEO and Founder Shanna Tellerman

While we use Women’s History Month as an opportunity to reflect on the courage of women from past generations, it is also a great time to celebrate the women who make a difference in our lives today—from our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters to teachers, bosses, mentors, and friends.

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Modsy founder & CEO Shanna Tellerman

At Modsy, we are proud that over 75% of our employees are women, and today we particularly want to celebrate one woman on staff: our founder, Shanna. She balances motherhood and running a business with humility and passion, which we greatly admire. Read on for a short Q&A to get to know her better!

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Shanna, her husband, and their dog in the nursery they designed using Modsy

What inspired you to create Modsy?

When my husband and I first moved into an apartment in San Francisco, we struggled to decorate it and buy the right furniture and decor. We knew we wanted to create a home that we truly loved, but we got stuck making each decision and felt like we didn’t have a clear vision of how everything would come together. That’s when the lightbulb went off for me. I realized that I could use my career passion and knowledge of 3D visualization to create an accessible interior design service that would modernize the way we design and shop for our homes. My goal was to make designing your home an easy and delightful experience!

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Shanna’s mom and figure of inspiration, Donna

What woman, past or present, inspires you the most? Why?

I am inspired by my mom, who paved the way for me and my sister to have ambition and dreams that were never limited. In her own career path, she was constantly told what she could and could not do as a woman. When my sister was born, she decided to pursue her graduate degree while still working full time and somehow she found time to be an amazing mother as well. She modeled for us how much hard work and dedication it takes to go after your dreams—and that you should never let the world hold you back.

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring female entrepreneur?

Build something you love. Building a business is hard work and it will become a deep part of your life. If you build a product, service, team, company, and customer base that you love, your days will feel much less like work and more like your destiny.

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The founders of Stichfix, Parachute, and TaskRabbit

What are some other female-founded brands that you love?

Some of my favorites are Stitch Fix, Parachute, TaskRabbit, and Winnie!

Just for fun—how would you describe your personal design style?

I am a mix of rustic and modern, with a touch of real life. I love a comfortable vibe but with modern accents. And, in our chaotic life, I prioritize a lot of places to store toys and clutter!

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