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20 Amazing Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Your Bathroom Designs

bathroom backsplash ideas
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Bathroom Backsplashes

A good bathroom backsplash gives your bathroom both design and protection. A backsplash is a great way to add a little color and oomph to your bathroom. You can choose from classic subway tile, funky patterns, or rustic wooden planks. Many even prefer adding a little touch of abstract with wallpapers.

Wondering if your bathroom needs a backsplash? One of the main reasons people install backsplashes in their bathrooms is to provide protection and depth to the bathroom. Backsplashes are typically installed behind the main vanity or sink. In addition to protecting the sink from rot or mold, backsplashes are great for adding a stylish edge to your bathroom.

When choosing a bathroom backsplash, designers need to contemplate the overall design of the bathroom – what color it is, what tiles need to be used, etc. In addition, it becomes imperative to consider the overall available space and choose a focal point to design the backsplash.

Currently, some bathroom backsplash trends include adding structural taps, creating a warm spa space, adding arches, adding artwork in the bathroom, using semi-precious stones, or playing with the fixture designs.

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