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15 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement for Interior Designers

1. What is Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram Engagement rate is the sum of all the activity on your posts divided by the total number of followers. An engagement rate of 1 to 5 % is industry standard and considered healthy. 

2. Organic or Paid, which strategy is better for increasing Instagram Engagement?

While there is no clear answer to this question, you should ideally create a healthy mix of organic posts and promotional content. For instance, you can boost your offers and contests and increase your followers organically with regular activity and interaction with your audience. 

3. How do you increase your engagement on Instagram 2022?

The best way to increase your Instagram engagement in 2022 is to keep an active business profile. Create interactive content with insightful and helpful information. Always be on top of the latest trends and adapt them according to your business. Last but not least, maintain consistency in posting.

4. How do I fix the low engagement rate?

If you are struggling with low engagement rates, you need to analyze your current strategy and find ways to make your content more enriching for the audience. Another way to increase your engagement rate is to introduce contests and giveaways and give your audience better reasons to interact with your Instagram Business Profile.

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