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15 Best Sunken Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home

best sunken living room design ideas
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What is Sunken Living Room? (History and Origin)

The living room in the house is one of the most commonly used spaces. It is at the epicentre of all the activities in a home. A living room is also the first impression anyone gets when entering a house. The living area is where all the conversations happen and shared moments, making it very important to design a space that justifies its use. This is where the concept of a sunken living room in interior design is explored.

Simply put, a sunken living room is an area of the house that is slightly lower than the rest of the house. If you are looking to buy a house or perhaps have already purchased a home, you might have stumbled on the topic of a sunken living room as part of a good home design.

It was first seen when architect Bruce Groff used the concept to make a home for his teacher. It gained popularity overnight when featured in The Dick Van Dyke Show. The idea of a sunken space is loved by many but has also received an equal amount of criticism.

After seeing the concept in some more Hollywood shows, it became a unique focal point for many new houses. Builders and new homeowners started requesting or making modern homes with sunken living spaces as its highlight.

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