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10 Bedroom Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Space

We’re big believers that bedrooms should be a relaxing oasis—a place to escape the stressors of the day. But this is an oft-overlooked space when it comes to home design. If you’re ready to transform your bedroom into a wellness retreat, we have some tips to help you get started. Remodeling your bedroom is a fun way to refresh your space and create the cozy aesthetic you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking to change your space completely or refresh a few bedroom essentials to make it feel new, we can help bring your vision to life with our expert insight.

Before remodeling your room, there are a few details to consider, like knowing your bedroom layout size, the type of space you have, the amount of space you’re working with, and your ideal budget.

To help inspire your vision, we put together 10 bedroom remodel ideas to transform your space and create a design you love. Follow the below tips to get started on your primary bedroom renovation.

1. Paint Your Bedroom Walls

Modern bedroom with dark wall and plant

One of the first details to consider when undergoing a remodel or refresh is your bedroom walls. The color of your walls will inform the rest of your design decor, so it can be helpful to start with your walls and work your way down to fixtures like your furniture and accent details later on.

One of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your room is to paint your bedroom walls. Painting is a DIY-friendly project that transforms the style of your room. If you’re not sure what bedroom paint color to choose, first decide whether you want a bold vs. neutral color. From there, you can get more specific and decide which color pairings will match the look you want to achieve.

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2. Replace Your Flooring

In addition to your walls, your flooring is another important part of remodeling your bedroom that should be decided on early in the process. Depending on the type of design style you want, you can refinish or replace your current flooring to change the look of your space.

If you’re looking for a mid-century bedroom design, choose wood or concrete floors. The same goes for industrial-style bedrooms. This will help you achieve clean lines and simplicity. On the other hand, for glam-inspired bedroom decor, opt for plush carpet or a large rug to achieve the luxury look of glam decor. Additionally, for a more cost-effective alternative, you can choose vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to natural wood flooring as it’s a more affordable, yet durable, flooring trend.

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3. Add Light Fixtures

When it comes to achieving the right aesthetic, lighting is a crucial component of a well-designed bedroom. Choosing the right lamp involves deciding on a floor lamp vs. ceiling pendant, along with the number of light fixtures you want and the look of each.

Since your bedroom will transition from day to night, it’s essential to have layered lighting, with several bedroom lights that allow you to shift the lighting throughout your space. You can choose between a variety of different styles, like bedside lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and chandeliers to create variety with your light fixtures.

4. Refresh Your Bedding

Natural wood Bed with side table

It’s no surprise that your bed is a focal point of your bedroom. That’s why refreshing your bedding is an important aspect of remodeling your bedroom. You can also replace your mattress and bed frame if you’re looking for something totally new. Bed frame styles include everything from platform to upholstered—each offering different pros and cons.

While it can be exciting to replace your bed altogether, it’s not always necessary. Sometimes all you need is a refresh to your current setup. To liven up your bedding, choose a bedspread that expresses your room’s color palette. A rule of thumb is to create contrast between your wall color and your bedding. To do this, select a bedspread that’s a lighter color shade than your wall.

5. Create Extra Space

If you’re looking to create a primary bedroom out of your current room but don’t have the space, it may be time to follow Joanna Gaines’ lead and get creative! If you have a smaller bedroom or additional room nearby that’s being underutilized, you can remove those walls to transform your room into a primary suite.

Merging two rooms can add a ton of extra space to your current layout and give you the suite you’ve always wanted. But now that you have the space, how do you fill it with the decor of your dreams? We’ve got you covered. Primary bedroom designs are all about identifying the big pieces first, like the decor style you want, and then working your way to smaller details like your color palette, accents, and artwork.

6. Add Seating

With a primary suite, you’ll be eager to spend more time in your new oasis. This means adding cozy details that inspire relaxation and serve multiple functions: cue bedroom seating areas. When adding seating to your bedroom, you’ll want to think about details like the amount of space you have, your bedroom layout, and the shape of your room.

Bedroom seating can include a range of options depending on your needs, such as an armchair, bench, settee, or chaise lounge. Each one offers a unique purpose which is why you should consider your needs before deciding on the right fixture. For example, if you’re looking to read more in your new oasis, a settee or chaise lounge is a great option. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a place to rest while dressing, a chair or bench would be better suited.

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7. Consider an Accent Wall

Bedroom with accent wall and wallpaper

Remodeling your bedroom presents a unique opportunity to make your most creative decor dreams a reality. This means incorporating all the little details that help bring it to life. One crucial detail to consider is an accent wall. An accent wall is a fun way to add dimension to your space and get creative with your color palette.

Whether you opt for peel and stick wallpaper or a contrasting coat of paint, an accent wall will breathe life into your new space. To get started, identify where you want your accent wall located. In a bedroom, it’s most commonly located behind your bed. Next, determine the right accent wall colors. This could include neutral colors for a simple look or more out-of-the-box accent wall ideas like a bright or dark color.

8. Choose a Rug

When considering how to choose a rug that compliments your flooring and your bedroom elements, a large rug can be a great option to bring the two design details together. Along with deciding on a rug color and design, you’ll also want to consider the right bedroom rug size in relation to your bed. Popular rug sizes include 9×12, 8×10, 6×9, and 5×7; the size you end up with all depends on the size of your bedroom and your bed.

Along with the size of your rug, it’s a good idea to determine the quality and material you’re looking for. First, decide whether you want a natural versus synthetic rug to start. From there you can narrow down the materials, like natural wool or synthetic nylon. A bedroom rug is quite literally the first thing your feet will touch in the morning, so choosing a material you love is essential!

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9. Incorporate New Curtains

While they may seem like a simple detail, curtains help elevate the look of your windows and allow you to control the amount of natural light in your bedroom. Adding new curtains can help tie in your new design and brighten your bedroom.

How to choose the right curtains for your bedroom involves deciding on the type of fabric, like polyester vs. linen, and the color or pattern that best matches your design. You’ll also want to consider different types of curtain rods to find the right style for the look you’re trying to achieve. While utility hardware is for functional purposes and is made to be hidden, decorative hardware is meant to be visible and comes in different finishes and designs.

10. Add Storage

Having enough space to store clothes, shoes, and household items is necessary for a functional bedroom. But oftentimes, there’s just not enough closet space to hold everything. This results in unwanted clutter, which can cause stress in an otherwise relaxing space. That’s why adding additional bedroom storage space can be helpful.

From dressers and floating shelves to vanities and wardrobe armoires, there are many fixtures that can be used for storage and add to the decor details. Something to consider when looking into bedroom storage is whether you want floating storage vs. a large piece of furniture on the floor. For small spaces, floating storage, like shelves, can create space without taking up floor space. On the other hand, if you have a large primary bedroom, you can opt for larger pieces like two dressers or an armoire.

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11. Refresh Accent Details

Your bedroom remodel isn’t complete without the simple, yet essential, finishing touches that make it feel unique to you. Accent details are the design elements that bridge themes and color palettes across your room. They create cohesion and complete the dynamic characteristics of your bedroom.

Accents include anything from throw pillows to wall art and mirrors. You may also want to incorporate eclectic elements like woven baskets, storage trays, and sculptures to add character and offer unique organizational solutions to your space. However you add your finishing touches, be sure to include your own personality into them to create a room you absolutely love.

The Ultimate Bedroom Suite

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. Whether you’re refreshing a few accents or completely changing your layout, flooring, and color palette, there’s no one way to renovate your space. Are you wondering how exactly to get started? Check out our bedroom remodel ideas by style to help identify the right decor for your unique personality.

Or, if you’re feeling inspired to start your own bedroom remodel, we can help! Our team of expert designers can support you every step of the way—from initial concepts to 3D renders.

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